Sustainability Plan

Allentown will develop and implement an overarching sustainability plan consistent with Sustainable Pennsylvania Community Certification program. The plan will require that all city budgets align with sustainability goals, that the city perform biannualĀ assessments of progress, that city employees receiveĀ training in sustainability policies, and that Allentown designate a Chief Sustainability Officer (CSO) with responsibility for plan management. The CSO will employ an interdisciplinary approach by engaging a broad range of City departments and external partners.

Climate Action Plan

Climate change will continue to affect daily life for Allentonians, and we must plan for the present and future. Allentown's climate action plan will build on work performed by the Allentown Environmental Advisory Council, developing a vulnerability assessment for the City with focus on the most at-risk populations. The plan will address the physical impacts of climate change (how we build and rebuild in smart ways) and the transition impacts of change (how we react to a changing world). The development of the Climate Action Plan will be done in coordination with Lehigh Valley Planning Commission, the Lehigh Valley Transportation Study, LANTA and other stakeholders.

Mobility Hubs

With over 56,000 cars spread across 42,245 households in Allentown and nearly 8,000 households with no vehicle available, alternative transportation in Allentown is a critical issue. Our administration will work to implement the recommendations of the Allentown 2030 plan, in collaboration with regional planning organizations, transportation authorities, and our communities. The development of mobility hubs will make sure that people can get around via public transportation, lessening the need to own an automobile. Additionally, Allentown will work to develop an infrastructure that supports future modes of transportation, including electric vehicle charging stations. We have an opportunity to build a transportation system for a 21st century Allentown.