It's exciting to see that developers are planning to build in Allentown, and I have a couple of thoughts on this news.

First, I agree with the observations of the planning commissioners. Early collaboration with a developer can result in construction that is more consistent with the vision of the community. East Siders should have a voice here, and close communication between the City and A. Duie Pyle can find a solution that works for both parties. I've seen how this can go well and how it can go poorly in the Lehigh Valley and beyond.

Second, a building of this size creates a huge opportunity for good jobs for Allentonians, but it will be up to the Mayor to help bring in the right user. We need a champion for the city, a person who an incoming company can trust and who the company knows will ensure that there's a quality supply of labor. I know that I can be that person in Allentown, based on my years of experience.

Matt Tuerk


A fresh, experienced voice for Allentown #teamTuerk