Allentown's people are amazing and their diversity of views are essential to our modern, exciting city. Our population looks a lot different now than it did 50 years ago, and we need to make sure that our City services are delivered equitably to that population, that our City government is representative of our diversity, and that our city is a welcoming and inclusive home to all.

Equity in Allentown

We will ensure that opportunities in Allentown are equally accessible and available to all of its residents, and we will ensure that our programs are designed to support those in greatest need. Our housing programs will improve quality in our most underserved neighborhoods, our youth programs will be designed to support the needs of those children who do not otherwise have access, our economic development programs will support communities that are historically left out, public safety will be maintained without bias. We will name a Chief Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Officer to ensure that all City activities comply with and advance this imperative.

Representation on Authorities, Boards and Commissions

One of the responsibilities of the Mayor of Allentown is to name people to Authorities, Boards and Commissions. We will use these opportunities to ensure that the demographic and geographic diversity of Allentown is represented on those bodies. Matt's personal experience of serving on Allentown's Shade Tree Commission showed him the historic under-representation of many communities and every appointment will seek to improve on this history.

Diverse Workforce

Allentown's people should have the opportunity to work in city government, visit City Hall and speak to people with a common experience, and engage with city representatives as equals. We will revise job descriptions to better reflect the needs of the city's people, develop programs designed to encourage participation from our residents, and hold job fairs in neighborhoods across the city to improve access to opportunities.


City workers must understand the value of a welcoming community. We will work to train our employees in respectfully serving the residents of Allentown, promoting an inclusive workplace, and making Allentown a leader among mid-size cities for its commitment to progress in this area. Training takes work and leadership, and the mayor's office and cabinet will be where this starts. We'll engage local partners to deliver this training.