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A Fresh Voice of Experience for Allentown

I will bring a fresh voice to City Hall and my years at LVEDC have taught me the power of partnerships and building coalitions, not tearing it down and trying to build it back up. Our government will be run effectively and efficiently, serving all of Allentown’s residents and reflecting the incredible diversity of the city. Mayor Matt Tuerk will be an ambassador for Allentown and a champion for quality of life.

Our city has a rich history and the regional economy is strong, so let’s bring it together and move toward an Allentown that is truly open for business, creating jobs and bringing prosperity to every corner of a safe, clean and healthy city.

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We raise our families here, we make our lives here, so let’s work together to make Allentown the next big opportunity.


So glad to see you here!

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A Fresh Voice of Experience for Allentown